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Against all odds, Denmark had an aircraft industry before and during the second World War. Archives have been unearthed, revealing a story about the aircraft called KZ. Help us bring the story to life – join us and other vintage airplane enthusiasts to create the documentary. We fund this together.
You will receive exclusive benefits, when you participate in this project. You can choose between four different levels of contribution.

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The story of the KZ aircraft will be produced 2014. You can still contribute and become a part of the story!


Take part in this project and receive exclusive benefits. You can choose between four different levels of contribution.
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The project

We will produce a 40-45 min. documentary film about the Danish aircraft KZ, and the two constructors Viggo Kramme and Carl Gustav Zeuthen. The film will be distributed on DVD in English, Danish, and German language versions, and will include a booklet with additional information about the aircraft. The film and booklet will be ready for distribution in 2015 and the contributors will receive the DVD, booklet and further benefits.

Why crowdfunding?

Together, we can do great things. We share a passion for vintage aircraft and their story.

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The film

The KZ aircraft and the company Skandinavisk Aero Industri represent a unique piece of European industrial history, beginning in 1937. Two aviation crazed young men grappling with the dream of building airplanes and bringing the adventure of flight to ordinary people. Most contemporaries view it as an impossible project, but the two entrepreneurs did not yield. The result of their stubborn fight turns into a series of amazing airplanes that are still flying all over the world today.. Read more

About us

This project is initiated by The KZ & Vintage Aircraft Club of Denmark. The purpose is to raise awareness of the KZ aircraft and the unique KZ vintage culture that keeps the aircraft in the air.

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